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Bad Ice-Cream – Game To Have Some Fun


Bad Ice-Cream is a incredibly enjoyable challenge arcade game provides players a chance to manage a tasty and vibrant ice-cream, and your primary goal is basic – collect the fruits as well as prevent the opponents. Each degree in Bad Ice-Cream establishes you as much as gather several wall of fruits as well as at the same time run away the warmth of your adversaries! If you’re ready to play, you’ll rejoice to understand that you only need to make use of the keyboard arrowhead keys to relocate and also accumulate every fruit in your course. You could also trap your opponents by firing cold blocks in their path as well as of course, shoot once again to destroy them. With up to 40 fun levels to play, Bad Ice-Cream is very addictive ready single gamer and certain to maintain you amused for hours. Do not hesitate to pick your favorite taste as well as start collecting every fruit you see, and oh, make certain to stay away from the bad guys!

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